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We are confident it works.

Prove us wrong and get free paint.

Hempel’s Mille NCT is a high technology antifouling with an excellent antifouling and cosmetic performance throughout the season. This effective product is based on a patented binder technology which secures an instant activation from the moment of immersion, and it has a controlled polishing and constant release of active ingredients during the season. In addition to that, it’s binder technology gives an excellent cosmetic appearance without whitening and discoloration.

Therefore, we are confident it works – and we are confident you will be satisfied with Hempel’s Mille NCT.

However, if by any chance after the season you are not satisfied with Hempel’s Mille NCT product performance – let us know.

Campaign conditions

Timing for purchase and application: the campaign is valid ONLY for the Hempel’s Mille NCT antifouling purchased in Denmark or Norway and applied on the boat in Denmark or Norway, from1st of January 2019 until 31st of May 2019.

Timing for claim: latest till 15th of November 2019.


This promotion is only valid for the antifouling and colour performance of the Hempels Mille NCT if:

  • the product is purchased and applied in between 1st of January 2019 and 31st of May 2019 (the copy of the receipt specifying the purchase date, the product name and the quantity must be submitted to HEMPEL together with this filled in form),

  • the adequate amount of paint has been applied in accordance with Hempel’s recommendation (check Hempel paint volume recommendation for your boat via paint calculator on our yacht website link: www.yachtpaintcalculator.com),

  • the correct substrate preparation is made and the product is used as described in the guideline in the PDS (a photo of the boat surface with Mille NCT antifouling applied before water immersion needs to be submitted to HEMPEL together with the form),

  • the claim has to be received by Hempel no later than the 15th of November at the following e-mail hempel@MilleNCTpromotion.com with a photo showing the underwater surface after the season and a form filled in with data requested.